Did you know?

Tourism Software Solution

Multiple tour options can be created within one single Builder reference.  Consultants can therefore offer a variety of itinerary choices without having to create multiple programs for each alternative.

Tourism Software - Maximum Flexibility

Our Edge tourism software range combines all the components of the comprehensive Destination Builder system including full Consultant functionality, advanced Management and Accountant control.

Edge includes Vouchers and Word Itineraries specifically customised for your Tourism Company.

Edge-Plus clients are also able to enjoy the benefits of our Development Agreement.  In most cases, requests for new features and functionality can be requested at no additional cost.

The Edge package features include:

  • Accounting Integration with external software.
  • Remote Office/User Functionality.
  • Fully Integrated Scheduled Tours (Edge+ only).
  • Management Control and Settings.
  • Marketing Control and Analysis.
  • Automatic overnight update.
  • Development Agreement (Edge+ only).