Did you know?

Affordable Tour Software

The discount percentage you receive from a supplier is entered to reduce the service buying price.  You can choose to pass the discount on to your client or still charge the full amount.

Lite - Affordable Tour Consultant Software

The Destination Builder Lite is as its name implies, a lighter version of our Builder Edge products, but still a very affordable software solution for you.

"Lite" is designed for smaller tour companies where the emphasis lies on Tour Consultant functionality and not advanced Management control.

All standard Builder features and functionality are included in addition to full support and assistance from our help desk.  Your Word Itineraries and Vouchers will also be customised to a format of your choice.

Lite clients benefit from our on-site installation and training facilities.

The Lite software excludes the following Builder features:

  • Accounting Integration with external software.
  • Remote Functionality.
  • Scheduled Tours.
  • Development Agreement.