Did you know?

Second language option - The Builder has a second language option where itineraries and all output documentation can be created in a second language of your choice. For those of you who have a specialised geographical market, this feature will delight your overseas clients and multilingual consultants alike. A once off translation process allows consultants to benefit from using our comprehensive travel solution in two languages.

This site is designed to supply Destination Management Company owners, managers and consultants with information regarding the functionality and purpose of The Destination Builder.

The software has been developed specifically for Tour Operators, Destination Management and Incentive Companies, automating, creating, administering and managing Incentive, Group, Self Drive/FIT and Event Itineraries.

Interested parties may contact the developers P3Projects for an interactive demonstration at your premises our via remote connection to our server.  We feel that this is the best approach to fully demonstrate the power of the Builder in giving you and your company the flexible edge in today's highly competitive market.

From the initial itinerary planning and building/construction phases to quoting, invoicing, vouchers and detailed documentation through to supplier booking requests, financial accounting, profitability analysis and management control.  The Destination Builder, created in conjunction with industry leaders, is flexibly tailored to suit you and your companys' needs.

Using Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Outlook as foundations, the Builder provides a flexible environment that is familiar to almost all.  A household knowledge of Microsoft Office is sufficient to start working with the Builder.  Training can therefore be kept to a minimum which means that staff can become productive with very little delay.

Bottom Line...

  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • Based in Microsoft Office