Did you know?

Secure Tour Operator Software.

The Builder’s flexibility allows you to determine the preferred method of calculating your company’s profitability, by mark-up or margin.

This important management tool can be customized both temporarily for specific users or as a permanent company setting.

Misconceptions about using Office and Excel

There are a number of misconceptions that exist regarding the limitations of using Microsoft Office as a basis for an integrated application.  These are highlighted and discussed below:

Security: "In recognition of the power of VBA, Microsoft have macro security levels set to maximum safety by default for its entire Office Suite simply to prevent VBA malware from attacking your system.  The Builder requires that security settings be set to none for the software to work," thereby making it impossible for any VBA code to attack your system.

Our software comes with a special signature that allows only our software to run within Office.  Unknown external VBA applications downloaded via the internet of sent via e-mail will therefore not be able to attack your system.

System Crashes: "There is a limit to the amount of data that Excel can handle.  Excel then becomes unstable and crashes".

This is a yes and no answer.  If you are a bank with millions of customers then Excel is not suitable ... absolutely true.  However, the amount of information that Tour Operators need to retain makes Excel more than capable.  In addition, the Builder also includes an archiving function which ensures that you can operate at maximum speed and efficiency without having to delete any information.