Did you know?

Microsoft Excel Tourism Software.

Our “Suggested Item” feature is a fabulous marketing tool used to recommend additional services to your clients.  This enhances your itinerary content and can also potentially increases your selling price and income.

Excel and the D-Builder Tourism Software

Flexible: Consultants are able to make manual changes to tour programs within one singular screen.  By removing the timely and frustrating process of flicking back through previous screens, amendments can be made instantly and effortlessly.

Familiar: Operating within the Microsoft Office suite of products allows the Builder to retain a familiar working environment for all.  As a basic understanding and working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook is applied in many office environments, the Builder naturally integrates with existing working practices.

Analysis: It is widely recognized that Microsoft Excel is "the" data viewing and analysis tool to use.  Most stand alone software products therefore offer an Export to Excel feature.  This usually results in a nominal "data dump" leaving the user to sort and restructure information before any analysis can begin.  Builder data is already sorted and stored in the correct format.  The analysis tools within the Builder can therefore provide results for analysis in graphical format for immediate interpretation.