Did you know?

Flexible Tour Software.

We offer a simple, automated selection and costing process that allows you to choose from our pre-populated database.  The capturing of rates you select can be entered either by your staff or by our experienced team.

Day-to-Day Benefits of our Flexible Tour Software

Itinerary Options: Multiple itinerary options can be created within a single tour program.  Consultants are therefore able to offer a variety of choices for the same booking without the necessity to produce numerous programs for each alternative, giving maximum flexibility.

No Service Restrictions: There are absolutely no restrictions to the type of services that you can use when creating a Builder itinerary.  Last minute or once-off services and specially negotiated rates can be added directly by Consultants without the need to enter information into the database first.

Picture Quotes: Our Picture Quotes add 'WOW' factor to the aesthetics of traditional documentation formats.

Internal Builds: Frequently used service combinations can be created and saved as pre-set templates, the information therein being entered only once.  The Internal Build can then be inserted into a live program reducing the need to repeatedly select and manipulate individual services.

Excel Database:  Storing supplier and creditor information within an Excel driven database enables instantaneous changes as and when required.  Amendments are therefore made available to Consultants with immediate effect.