Did you know?

Supplier bookings can be made directly from your Builder tour programs with the click of a button.


Due to our high product and service standards, few issues escape our quality assurance procedures.  As a matter of precedence however, our support team are available to resolve any concerns as quickly as possible.  In contrast to other technology companies we do not operate a 'log and wait' system, our response policy attains direct, immediate and personal communication with our clients.

Day-to-day support enquiries usually begin with an e-mail or Skype chat.  If this does not render a solution within a minute or two we request that the problem workbook be sent to us.  Once received and opened we have a mirror image of the information on your own system.  It therefore becomes very easy and efficient for us to see what the problem is.  A Skype message or return e-mail with corrective action usually solves the problem.  If the issue is more complicated we are able to take corrective action at our end, save, return and re-insert the workbook and problem solved.  80% of all issues are resolved in under 30 minutes.

Alternatively we may request remote desktop access to your computer.  Access security is controlled via unique per session passwords.  The License rights for this software is held by P3Projects at no additional cost to our clients.